UK 1980s 1:1 Replica Cartier Cristallor In 18k Yellow Gold

When it comes to a classic dress watch, the name “Cartier” always appears on the top of the list for many. It’s interesting to note that while many of its watch designs have become known as classics, they were often inspired by the unexpected, such as the “Tank” design that was dreamed up by Louis Cartier when he encountered the Renault FT-17 tanks used by the French military during World War I. But fake Cartier’s success is also surely driven by its creativity in giving life to concepts derived from its flagship designs.

Here, we have a blue hands replica Cartier watch with an interesting shape, a triple-stepped case in yellow gold that appears like a Tank with layers of gold framing around it. This model is often referred to as a “Stepped Tank,” but it’s actually called “Cristallor” – which sounds aptly fancy, like the name of a character from a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings series. It carries a ’70s and ’80s design sensibility with a “more is more” vibe, but in an elegant Cartier copy watch with Swiss movement manner by keeping the dial simple in white with its signature black Roman numerals, the railroad minute tracks, and the blued steel hands.

Plus, to tie everything neatly together, it’s finished with the sapphire-topped signature crown. Traditionalists may be hesitant at first, but trust us, it’s really satisfying on the wrist. You don’t see this Cartier Cristallor replica online for sale come up too often, so check it out in the Shop and snap it up while you can!

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